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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

That's All There Is... a poem by Karen Monkman Preston & Audrey Austin

My niece, Karen, and I were sort of playing on Facebook.  The idea of taking turns writing a stanza of a poem was acted upon and That's All There Is  was the result.   The first and last stanza are written by Karen Monkman Preston and the middle stanza by yours truly. 

That's All There Is

"I Am. That's all there is," says he
In words not voice or glance or touch,
Nor printed on paper to see;
And never searching for as much
Expression from you or of me.

"I Am.  That's all there is," says she
In tears not shed or dreamed or dared,
Nor blanketed on face to see;
And always searching for much more
Offering love forevermore.

"We are. That's all there is," they say
To a world not comprehending.
The volume of their silent ways
A-typical, but demanding
As squinting sunlight's morning rays. 

Thank you, Karen.

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