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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Silent Star plus a dozen ...........

The Silent Star plus a dozen is an anthology of short stories which were short-listed in Wynterblue Publishing's WynLit 24 writing competitions.   The 13 stories were previously published as part of both Confabulation 2 and Confabulation 3 Wynterblue anthology publications.

Thanks to all who participated in the public voting which took place soon after the launch of Confabulation 3.  Of all my stories The Silent Star  won the most votes and this is why I chose this story's title as the title for my anthology.

Here is a short excerpt from The Silent Star

"Just then the doctor came into the room.  I saw the shake of the doctor's head and the sadness in Father MacFarlane's eyes. I didn't cry when he told me what had happened.  I was frozen inside.  I huddled deeper within and found the quiet spaces that lurked around outside my lonesome heart. I refused to let the pain come into my heart.  I was The Silent Star.  My ears burned when they received the words, 'There was an accident, Andrew. Willy and Fiona are both in Heaven now, son, and they've taken young Gordon with them.'

Words failed me but the kindly priest must have been able to read my thoughts.  He answered my question without me having to ask. 'Catherine and Mary are here in the hospital.  They will be okay, God willing, and so will you, son.  So will you.'"

Other titles contained in The Silent Star plus a dozen  are When Bubbles Rise; In Control; In the Forest; The Big Book; Quest for Cammirand; Let the Rain Forever Fall; It Doesn't Matter; After Words; Joshua's Journey; Freddie's Athabasca; Once Under Time; At the Edge of His World; and lastly, The Silent Star.

I'm pleased to announce that The Silent Star plus a dozen is now into its second printing.  To order your copy please get in touch by email.
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