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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sweet Sunday ........

I have nothing to write about today but I promised myself I would post daily so in order to keep this promise I will simply keep typing and hope what I type will be meaningful to someone. 

Attendance at church this morning was enlightening and the minister's message sort of tied in with words I've been reading in a book titled Original Goodness by Eknath Easwaren, on the Beatitudes.   Easwaren talks much about self-will.  A short quotation, "Each of us have tasted the freedom and happiness that self-forgetfulness brings, although we may not have known it at the time."

I come closest to this feeling when I lose myself in my creative writing characters.   When the characters tell their stories and I am just the stenographer working as fast as I can to record their words as they experience them, I do believe I experience that blessed self-forgetfulness.

Self-will and attachment are issues I struggle experience detachment within attachment is a lofty goal.     It is good to have goals as we journey through life because, to coin a cliche, it's the journey that counts; not the destination.

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