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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Keeping It Simple -- a Review

Thank you T.L. Cooper for your positive review of Keeping It Simple.
4.0 out of 5 stars Get in Touch with Your Inner Energy to Find Your Balance, March 31, 2014


T. L. Cooper "T. L. Cooper" (Albany, Oregon, United States) 

 This review is from: Keeping it Simple: Imagine Being Whole (Kindle Edition)

As a practitioner of yoga and meditation, Keeping It Simple: Imagine Being Whole by Audrey Austin intrigued me. Austin explores and explains each of the chakras in easy to understand terms complete with exercises to get the reader in touch with the individual chakras. She simplifies the mysticism surrounding the chakras and gives the reader a sense of the power of paying attention to one's chakras as well as the role each chakra plays in balancing one's energy and therefore one's life. Anyone looking for a better understanding of the basic idea of chakras or even those just interested in better understanding why they feels more balanced after yoga and/or meditation will find Austin's Keeping It Simple: Imagine Being Whole interesting.

Thank you to all my readers. Your positive reviews mean the world to me. Keeping It Simple is available in both Kindle and print format at all Amazon sites. Visit my author page at

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