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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Moose Road - a Canadian Tragedy

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Here are some reviews of Moose Road - a Canadian Tragedy:

"I grabbed your book and headed for bed. This was about 7:30.
I turned out the light just after midnight.
I couldn't put it down!
... Your characters are so real and believable! I absolutely fell in love with the Road, and Santo's dad, Arthur broke my heart and I think we all know someone a little like Eunice...
Just wonderful!
I liked how you interjected the Road's thoughts midway, and I liked the ending!
The story is riveting. I felt like I knew these people!"

Susan Ruby K.

A review by Lucy Ann Spence:

"WOW !!! Just finished reading this fabulous book...Audrey, you have a winner here...thoroughly enjoyed it and held my attention right to the end...."

Moose Road is an exciting story and the characters living on the same road were all so down to earth, and it is a story you will not want to put down
until you have finished reading it as I know I couldn't. There has been a lot of research put into this story and the author is to be commended on her
great work. Eleanor Lambert.

Moose Road, 15 Oct 2013

By The Brit "KC"

This review is from: Moose Road a Canadian Tragedy (Kindle Edition)
I give four stars for a really good story.
Who is to blame for the Moose Road Tragedy? Can Moose Road itself tell us?
Listen to the seven families as they give their accounts for what happened.
Do they blame each other? What conclusions do the insurance investigators draw?
Who does the judge blame? And why is murder committed after the enquiry?
To find out, you have to read, Moose Road.
It is a really good story.

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