My Books For Your Reading Pleasure

My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Friday, August 15, 2014

FREE Kindle Books

Throughout much of this summer I have been offering many of my short stories, novellas or novels free of charge on Amazon sites for your reading enjoyment.

I hope you are enjoying the reading as much as I have enjoyed the writing.

I guess it is debatable as to whether or not offering "Freebies" increases sales figures in the long run.   I don't know if it does or does not.  This is not my motivation for offering the free stories.

Primarily I like to offer these "Freebies" because I hope it encourages people to enjoy their summer reading.

Weather-wise this has been so far a very unusual and unpredictable summer in Elliot Lake.  Temperatures have dropped quite low most nights making for very comfortable sleeping without need of an air conditioner. 

Today it is a blue skies warm day; another Gratitude Friday.   I am grateful for much in my life; grateful to readers who let me know they enjoy my books; grateful for the writing hiatus I am enjoying knowing autumn will soon be here and I will get back to work.

The working title of my next writing project is "All Them Houses".   I think I have reached the point in my life's journey where it is time to attempt to write my memoir.  Whether it will be published or not is an unknown to me at this point.  For now it is a maybe.

Before then I will be entering for the second time the Three Day Novel Competition.  I plan to try my hand at a light romance  -- a change of pace from the often heavier social issues focus which is found in the majority of my books.

I am undecided as to whether or not I will hold a launch for my latest novella titled Crabapple Court.  It is available now on all Amazon sites and I hope you will enjoy the read.

For anyone interested I have some copies of my books on hand here at home.  Email me,,  if you live in Elliot Lake and wish to purchase a copy of one or more of my books.

I hope you will enjoy my short stories, novellas and novels.  They are found on all Amazon sites.  My author's page is at

My beautiful Ki is enjoying the good weather, the trips to the dog park and the lazy afternoons on the backyard deck.

I hope you are enjoying your summer.  I know I am in spite of a disappointment or two.  Life goes on and that is always a good thing. 

Thank you for your continued encouragement and support which is always appreciated.  :-)

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