My Books For Your Reading Pleasure

My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Friday, February 6, 2015

Social Studies - Books One, Two and Three

I am very happy and excited to present my Social Studies series; books one, two and three.  Each book contains twelve of my short stories which keep the focus on social issues including child abuse; elder abuse; spousal abuse; animal welfare; incest; murder; Alzheimer disease; and much more. 

Nothing is hidden.  The stories are very real.

I have drawn from my experience as counselor and psychospiritual practitioner in order to write and compile this trilogy of short story anthologies about contemporary topics that sadly are far too common in the world in which we live.

Each of these books is available in both Kindle and Paperback format on all Amazon sites.

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Cover design on these books is by  Susan Ruby K.  of

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