My Books For Your Reading Pleasure

My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Poetry From A to Z

Poetry from A to Z is a collection of poems, some of which have been previously published in various anthologies. This collection includes a variety of subjects and styles for your reading enjoyment.


From the Author

From my earliest childhood days I have memory of my mother, a wonderful poet, sharing her poetry with others.  It is her inspiration which has prompted me to put together this, my first book of poetry, which contains 50 poems that I hope you will enjoy reading.


From the Back Cover

Books by Audrey Austin
Sara, a Canadian Saga
Moose Road, a Canadian Tragedy
The Silent Star Plus a Dozen
Ellen and The Hummingtree
Keeping It Simple
Social Studies - Book One - Dying To Be Popular
Social Studies - Book Two - Shattered and Broken
Social Studies - Book Three - Weaving Alice
Beyond The Blue
When God Gives Us Spring
Crabapple Court
The Last Drop
Poetry from A to Z
Hi Poetry Lovers!  Tomorrow (Sunday, February 22nd) Poetry From A to Z will be free in the Kindle Store on all Amazon sites. 
This book is also available in Paperback format on all Amazon sites as well as it can be purchased directly from Create    The link to Poetry From A to Z  is 
CreateSpace eStore:   
I hope you will enjoy my poems and thanks for checking out my author's page at
For my poet friends I have a page at    If you care to share your poetry on this site just message me at

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