My Books For Your Reading Pleasure

My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
Proud Indie Author

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Book Excerpts -- That's the plan :-)

My plan is to share with you an excerpt from each of my books.   I will start with this new project tomorrow if everything goes according to plan.

I feel very proud to be an independent author.   At my chronological age I did not want to spend valuable time in search of a new publisher once my treasured relationship with Wynterblue Publishing Canada sadly came to a close.  To Maggie Kirton I owe a great appreciation because if not for her and her company, Wynterblue, I would not be enjoying the published world today.  It is very unfortunate that Wynterblue is no longer in operation and I hope one day soon they will find their way to return.  

For me, writing a story is the easy part.   But it was a great challenge for me to learn how to format, edit and publish my books.     I have truly loved and continue to love this new learning curve in my life.

I have fourteen books  which are in both print and Kindle formats.  In addition I have many short stories which dare to stand alone in the Amazon Kindle Store.

In the modern contemporary world of the 21st century we celebrate independent film makers; independent musicians, visual artists, and crafters.   The days of the giant movie studios are gone giving us cause to celebrate independent actors.  The days of the giant publishing houses are not gone, at least not yet, however there is a wonderful new wave of activity in our writing world.  Today we celebrate independent authors.

I am an independent individual and I very much enjoy being one of our modern world's indie authors.   

Join with me to celebrate the fact that musicians, visual artists, crafters, film makers, actors, poets and, yes, authors, are willing to put their hearts on the line; willing to express their art; willing to take the risk of being accepted or rejected.

As for me, I celebrate them all.

And I am very proud to be what is popularly termed  an Indie Author.

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