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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Friday, October 26, 2012

 My first review of "Ellen and The Hummingtree"
"I received your most welcome enjoyable, well written, book about Ellen and the
Hummingtree on Wednesday. I finished the last chapter early this morning. What a book
 WOW! You really did a superb job and I hope with all my heart that you sell many copies.

I particularly enjoyed Chapter 6 “Bear with Me” and Chapter 7 “Carpenter”. All the other
 chapters were excellent as well but when I got to Ch 11 “Lost and Found”, after travelling
all the way to Toronto for her big prize only to find that she left her purse on the bus and
 went back to retrieve it and could not be found. I felt sorry for her but I had to laugh because
 of how they had to walk all the way back to the bus terminal to hopefully find it.  I wish Ellen
 would have been able to retrieve her purse but apparently that windfall was just not meant
for her eh!

Then in Ch. 13 “Just a Sliver” as Ellen and her cousin Marielle were trying to get a bottle of
 whiskey to put in the meat pies, all the antics they had to go through to retrieve that bottle
 was so funny I laughed until I cried believe me. At least that one came out good as they
 did win the prize lol.

When I read Ch. 16 “I Need You to Remember Me”, it was so sad and you did an excellent
job of showing how in the end Alzheimer’s effects people and I thought to myself as I was
  reading it “I sure hope I don’t end up like that” but we never know do we? The scary part is
 that it can affect anyone no matter how bright and alert they may be as Ellen was sure very
 bright and alert.

The ending was excellent in that because of her strong faith in God she got her prayers
  answered in that she wanted to go home so badly so went to her Heavenly Home. Yes
 Audrey, it was a great read and I congratulate you on a job well done"
Thank you for your review, Eleanor, and I am so pleased that you enjoyed
 "Ellen and The Hummingtree."


  1. Hi Audrey, I look forward to reading Ellen and the Hummingtree. I found your other work on Amazon, except the hummingtee. I will send you a FB Message. Good luck with your sales. Kharis Macey

    1. Thanks Kharis, Ellen and The Hummingtree is being launched in paperback format only. In a few months time it will be published by Wynterblue Publishing Canada Inc. as an Ebook on :-)