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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Another Wynterblue writing weekend ...

This is another Wynterblue writing weekend.  The WynLit 24 monthly writing competition is something I always look forward to.  I enjoy the challenge.

Two months ago my story titled Foray into Technical Territory took first place.  This pleased me greatly because, in fact, after writing this short story I incorporated it into one of the chapters of my new novel Ellen and The Hummingtree.

I was also pleased with the September competition.  My story titled No Magic for Magdalena placed second in the contest.

I hope I can do as well this month.  I'm hampered by a hacking cough that just does not want to give up and go away but in spite of this I persevere and hope I can complete a story this weekend that will make the Wyn Lit 24 short list.

Among other things, one of the requirements in this month's endeavour is the use of the made-up word cedarpenkle.   How on earth I will use this word I have no idea.

An update:  I submitted my story titled Rebecca's Revolution.   As it progressed it was not a whodunit ... no, no, we know that she did it.   But will she get caught?  That is the question......  As it turned out the "cedarpenkle" was a perennial bush growing in Rebecca's garden.  :-)

And since the writing of this story, I have been informed that another of my short stories titled While You Were Sleeping has been selected to be published on-line one day this coming week on the site which is found at      I will post further on the day that it is published and hope you will enjoy the story.

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  1. Cedarpenkle! What a splendid word. I think of little sea creatures, or jewels sparkling from under the bark of trees...Thanks for connecting on my Goodreads blog, Audrey. Lovely blog you have here!