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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Creative Connections 3

This afternoon I will attend the first planning meeting for Creative Connections 3.

I am happy to be collaborating with my daughter, Susan Ruby K., who is an amazing artist.  Together we will prepare an offering for the upcoming Exhibition.

Writers and visual artists come together to collaborate and create.

This will be the third year I have participated.  The first year I partnered with my daughter, Christine, who is also a visual artist.  The second year I partnered with the daughter of a friend.  This partner was a young, talented university student and I learned much as we worked together and prepared our offering.

This year again I am keeping it in the family -- I look forward to this new adventure.

What a great meeting with a good turnout.   Susan and I have decided on "A Cold Call" --  I think for this I will write a poem. 

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