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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

As I put on my therapist's hat ...........

It has been a few years since I put together one of my Homestead websites titled Focus On.  In this site I chose and, indeed, readers did help me to choose, upon which topics the spotlight would shine.

I spent some time yesterday sort of tidying up my Focus On website.  When I read my article on motivation I thought the information might be something worthwhile to put into this blog.

I'm sure you have heard the old saying, "We teach what we need to learn."  I confess that re-reading the words which I wrote long ago has helped me.  I hope this article is useful to you too.

I invite you to imagine yourself as the main character of the story I am about to tell.

You walk into a beautiful restaurant, take a seat at the table, and begin to look around your elegant surroundings.  You see others, like yourself, who are seated at other tables in the restaurant.
You see them enjoying delicious meals and realize how hungry you are.  You sit at your table for quite a long time and wonder why others have been served and you are being ignored.
Why are others enjoying the delicious food?  And why are you not?
Finally after quite a miserable while you look up and you notice the sign above the sumptuous feast table on the other side of the room. 
Finally the realization sets in .....YOU MEAN I HAVE TO DO IT MYSELF?
Motivation is like that. 
Others can have influence....others can encourage ...but to feel motivated in life there is only one place to look for motivation and that is within yourself.
Motivation begins with desire.  Ask yourself what it is you truly desire. 
You may answer, "I want to feel motivated."
But take it deeper and ask yourself, What do I desire to be motivated about?
When motivation is sadly lacking usually what one is neglecting to pursue, to begin, to complete, is something one does not really want to be doing.  It is even possibly something one may think they cannot do or should not do.
To feel motivated is to feel passionate.  Where is the passion hiding within you?  How can you get in touch with it?  How can you bring it into your awareness?
Try this:  Close your eyes .....  think of what it is you want to see accomplished.  Now, in your mind's eye, see yourself doing it.  See whatever it is completed.
Then ask yourself, "Is this something I truly desire?"
If the answer is yes, ask yourself what is stopping you from achieving your goal?  What is blocking your motivation to have what you truly desire?
Is it fear of success?  Is it fear of failure?  Is it fear of the opinion of others?  Is it fear of a sense of accomplishment?
Are you able to recognize that it is a fear?
We, as human beings, are capable of far-ranging emotions and passions.  But, in truth, all emotions emanate from two source emotions which are fear and its opposite love.  Both are powerful.
Recognizing that what is preventing you from feeling motivated is fear then you, like the patron in the restaurant, will see the sign and will recognize that you have been your own impediment to enjoying the meal; to accomplishing the goal.
It is possible to overcome your fear with love.  And as my dear mother used to say, "If you want something done then simply begin."
Begin by visualizing your goal achieved.  This is your awareness.
Accept you have been your own roadblock.  This is your acceptance.
Then you can understand the equation, Acceptance + Awareness + Action equals CHANGE.
In order to feel motivated, to feel the passion, change is required and that possibility of change rests within you.
It's all about choice. We are all motivated.
Look within to discover what "motivates you to lack motivation?"
The answers are within you.
That's why you asked the question.

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  1. Hi Audrey,
    Great blog, great thoughts.
    Now you must enlighten me, where is Elliot Lake??
    And who is your sister, perhaps we have crossed paths here in Bermuda. If she has small children, she may well know my hubby who is a pediatrician!
    Glad to meet you!