My Books For Your Reading Pleasure

My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Monday, September 8, 2014

Poetry from A to Z and other stops along the way :-)

I enjoyed a wonderful weekend in Haileybury & Cobalt, Ontario where I attended the launch of White Mountain Publishing's latest poetry anthology titled "Northern Ontario Speaks".   I am thrilled that one of my poems titled "I Choose" won an Honourable Mention in this competition.

For the poetry readers out there I am excited to announce my latest release:  Poetry From A to Z.

My most recent writing adventure is the publication in both print and Kindle format of my first book of poems titled "Poetry From A to Z"

Also new on the scene is Crabapple Court; a novella. Susie Donnelly is missing. Has she run away? Is it a kidnapping? A murder?

Also recently published is a coming-of-age novella titled Beyond The Blue in which a child finds a magical, mystical way to deal with bullying. This novella is also in both Paperback and Kindle format.

And "Recompense" which is a story of love, hate & revenge that takes place pre and during civil war in the U.S.

Prior to these publications I was kept busy with the creation, compilation and publication of a trilogy of anthologies containing short stories which keep the focus on social issues.

The books are titled SOCIAL STUDIES - Books One - Dying To Be Popular; Book Two - Shattered and Broken and Book Three - Weaving Alice. These 36 stories will make you laugh; make you cry; and certainly make you simply wonder at the human condition as it is experienced by many in our modern contemporary world.

I'm very excited to announce that "Keeping It Simple", the trinity of meditation, the 7 major chakras and psychospiritual therapy, is now available in both Kindle and Paperback Format on all Amazon sites. It is also available in print format directly from Create Space.

This year I celebrate my 7th Writing Anniversary. Whether you choose one of my novels, a novella or a short story, I hope you will enjoy the read.

Thank you to my readers. I much appreciate your encouragement, your support and your positive reviews are very welcome.

My books are available on all Amazon sites.   Check out my author's page at  

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