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Monday, September 15, 2014

Inspirational Writing of Paulette Grant .......

Beautiful inspirational writing of Paulette Grant ....
     It is warm and blissfully cozy .There are noises far away, muffled unfamiliar sounds mixed in with a rhythm and for the first time fear.
“What is happening? Where is this place? “
“Don’t be afraid it is all as it should be. I am here .You are not alone.”
A pulsing boom is felt from deep inside as though it’s rushing through her thoughts with a wi...ll of its own. Opening her eyes and through the darkness she marvels at this thing before her .They move at will
.”How fascinating! “she brings them closer and into her mouth they go.
“You are in the flesh, born into a new life” he tells her …and as the memory of his comforting words seeps through this first moment of her life, she squeezes through the dark all the while struggling to take a first breath into the world, all the while screaming in rage to him that left her in this unknown place.
       She can't quite remember what she left behind. But she changed her mind; she must have told him so. She didn’t want to live a life here after all, didn’t want to breathe and yet it was too late to go back. “It is done” he had whispered ….and repeating to herself that he DID say he would come back for her when the time was right and that he would never truly leave her ,he let her go… and so… filling her lungs with air she screamed at the world as the cold  and the first experience of pain assaulted her senses and as she was sharply slapped on her bottom, when it hit her it was with a force as large as the love she knew she had left behind.

A soul began her life, one that would be filled with love and blessings and heartaches and lessons and as the many decades flew by she knew it would come to an end a lot sooner than she hoped it would because she came to love the earth and all the beauty this world had to offer.
She carried this knowing inside her that nudged at her memories as though she was being prepared for another journey …one that would fill every empty spot she had ever felt in her soul and it made her smile.
      A beautiful light streamed from the open window and danced on the walls of the little room and all was infused with diamond particles like fairy dust playing in the air. Her fingers played with it and she was surprised to see that it was covered with a multitude of little blue rivers and they reminded her of her mother’s hands long ago.
“It is a good day to die” she exclaimed to the little nurse that had just drifted into the room to check her pulse.
“Don’t be silly Elizabeth .You are aren’t going to die today. You have a lot to live for so don’t you dare leave us just yet.” And after straightening up the covers on her hospital bed she left the room to see to her other patients.
      Glancing at the bedside table there were coloring books and a big box of crayons .A lady had stopped by and left them there for her the other day saying she thought she might like them to pass the time away. She looked familiar but so many people had come to visit lately they were all a jumble of unknown faces. Picking up the top one she could see that each and every page was colored perfectly.
“I used to love coloring books .This one has talent. I’ll bet the child that colored these will grow up to be an artist someday “
She remembered great big coloring books so heavy and she would color each and every page before going onto the next one.
”I wonder who colored these?” and as she placed it back on the stack at her bedside.
“I’m so sleepy” she half muttered to herself as the room filled with the most beautiful music she had ever heard.
”I had a dream once long ago about music such as this. You really can’t describe it to anyone”.
“It is a good day to die.” She whispered.

 “Yes it is”  he said …and there he was ...all glowing  and standing here beside her bed as in the wonderful dreams she had dreamed so many times before, only this time he took her hand and she was filled with so much love much happiness, as though her life had been one great big coloring book starting with page one and she had just finished coloring the last page.
He was a great big glowing being, brighter than the sun but it didn’t hurt to look at him.
“Well done my love … lets go Home “
….and just before the light fully embraced her she glanced over her shoulder at the withered shell of a very old woman bathed in sunlight surrounded by a sea of faces and then she remembered all of it …every moment lived… and she knew without a doubt that it had been worth it and she had lived her life to the fullest and she smiled “Yes indeed. Let’s go back Home”

      A life is lived in a time of great changes in the world. This one wasn’t a life lived alone. So many people surrounded her now. They say that everyone sees a summary of every moment lived. Much like a movie it is .Each experience whether good or bad has been recorded and when one‘s life is over we look into our life and this is when we realize just how much we are all connected to each other . This is when you get to see the whole thing from beginning to end as a spectator…and so it began for her as I have recollections of my own birth into this world and the memories of “He” who is waiting to take me home..
The muffled sounds …feelings as though something from somewhere is trying to snuff the life out of you … You are alone for the first time and just when you think you can’t take the pain anymore, a blinding flash tears at your lungs and an iciness you have never felt before rips you from the warmth of the womb and you scream in rage……then the journey begins. :)

Paulette Grant Sept15th 2014

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