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Monday, January 26, 2015

To Honour The Dudley - No Stone Unturned

This is a short story for animal lovers.  Fear reigns in Dudleyville. All the animals turned to their leader King Dudley for guidance. This is a story for the young at heart aged six to sixty -- there is a lesson to be learned.

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Dudley, often called The Dudley or King Dudley, was a prime reason for me to wake up in the morning.   At a time when I lived alone I was never alone; he was always there for me with his high energy, his affectionate ways, his unconditional love.

Dudley was growing old; on his way to 16.  I knew the day would come when I would need to say good-bye to my best friend.   The day did come and I thought I would die along with him; I missed him so very much and to this very day, I still miss him and I am sure I always will.

When I wrote "No Stone Unturned", this short story was my way of honouring my boy; the Jack Russell Terrier who was by my side for so many years.

Once I completed the short story I realized that this short story is also my way of honouring all of our four-legged and winged friends.  

They deserve so much more than too many humans are prepared to give them.  King Dudley inspired his subjects to leave no stone unturned in search of justice for the animal kingdom.

I wish we humans would do the same.   I hope you enjoy The Dudley's story.

Dudley at the age of 15.  
His little face used to be brown
and one ear always flopped over.
Along with the aging white face The Dudley
perked up his ears - even in old age he didn't want to miss a thing.
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Thanks for always being kind to animals.

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