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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Proud to be Independent

In the modern contemporary world of the 21st century we celebrate independent film makers; independent musicians, visual artists, crafters and the days of the giant movie studios are gone giving us cause to celebrate independent actors. 

The days of the giant publishing houses are not gone however there is a wonderful new wave of activity in our writing world.  Today we celebrate independent authors.

I am an independent individual and I very much enjoy being one of our modern world's independent authors.   

I don't get excited about every song I hear sung but I do get excited about many and I love music.

I don't enjoy every movie that I view but I do enjoy many and I love to watch movies.

I don't want to purchase every painting that I see but I do buy quite a few and I love the work of  the visual artists.

I don't want to finish every book that I start reading.  I don't love every book that I read but I do love many books and I love reading.

You may or may not like every story I write but perhaps you will like one, two or maybe more. 

The point I am trying to make is that just because you read one book that is not your cup of tea by one independent author, why blast all of that author's work and, furthermore, how is it possible that this entitles one to blast the work of all independent writers?      

In fact, why blast or be harsh with anyone?   It's okay if you don't like the work that an artist has produced.  And it's okay if you do.    But do you really think it is okay to be hurtful to someone because you did not like whatever it was that they produced? 

No musician expects every person to appreciate his music.  No visual artist expects every art lover to want his work.  No film maker expects everyone in the world to love his film.   And no writer expects every reader to love his story. 

If I don't like the music of one independent musician I do not say I will not listen to the music of independent musicians.

If I don't like one artist's rendering of a subject I do not say I will never appreciate the artistry of any independent visual artist.

If I don't like a story written by an Indie Author I don't say I will never read any of his books or that of any other independent author.

Why not celebrate the fact that musicians, visual artists, crafters, film makers, actors, poets and, yes, authors, are willing to put their hearts on the line; willing to express their art; willing to take the risk of being accepted or rejected?

As for me, I celebrate them all.

And I am very proud to be what is popularly termed  an Indie Author.

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