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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Sunday, January 11, 2015


REAWAKENING is free today in the Kindle Store on all Amazon sites. (Also available in paperback format)

With regard to this book let me share with you one review by Maggie Kirton who is the Executive Director of Wynterblue Publishing Canada.

She writes, "Every now and then a manuscript comes across my desk that completely captivates me. Austin has reached inside the human heart and removed all boundaries pertaining to everlasting love ... and her ability to play with the English language successfully is astounding.

Austin's Reawakening is a must read. It will take you into a land not far from your heart and bring you back to earth again believing that all things are possible with love and hope."

Another review of REAWAKENING:

" Let me first wipe my droplets of moisture from my eyes. Some shed from sadness of a love so strong and true, that never seems to be a " togetherness of two the way I would hope. Then some shed for the amazing job... Austin did in making me laugh at the craziness of our "human" lives.
"Reawakening" is a story I could not give anything less than 5 stars too. It is a love story, mixed with sci-fi, also mixed with drama and the comedy that sneaks up if you have the ability to laugh at oneself. Would I go as far as calling this book a I cannot! It is a book of love, true love, something many think they know, but will realize if by this story very few may actually have it right. A love on earth were age, appearance were not important to the two involved, happiness, comfort, and love was without a question in their lives. A must read for men and women.

Ann237 Beauregard 
From the Author
Reawakening is a novel that reveals itself in a place called Notsew.   Here is a story that takes the reader on a journey, along with the story's characters, far from earth.   In this place called Notsew the powers that be have great curiosity.  They want to learn more about why human beings do the things they do and mostly they want to learn about some strange phenomena best described as emotion.   The story's characters find themselves unwilling participants in an experiment. 

Cover design by Susan Ruby K.

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