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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Monday, November 17, 2014

An excerpt from When God Gives Us Spring - a novella

The back door of the big white house was unlocked.  I let myself in and looked around for Leona.  I didn’t see her or Wilbur and though I thought that was odd it didn’t keep me from my goal.  I walked from the kitchen at the back of the house through the dining room, the drawing room and then made my way to the library.  Master Alfred was not at home unless, of course, he was upstairs in his bedroom.

I removed my shoes and in as quiet a manner as I could manage I began my climb up the stairway.  My back hugged the wall in the upstairs corridor as I made my way slowly to his bedroom door.   Once outside the door I didn’t hesitate.  Grabbing the knob, I turned it and pushed the door open before me.

That’s when I saw him.

I had forgotten that I was not the only one who had aged throughout the years I’d been gone.  Before me in a heavy dark wooden wheelchair sat an old white-haired man.  His rheumy eyes were pinkish and his toothless mouth gave him a gaunt expression.   He was much thinner than I had remembered.  I didn’t know his age but like a ton of bricks it hit me that he must by now be at least ninety years old.   Could I go ahead with my plan?
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