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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

An excerpt from Recompense

When I first met her Alison had many friends.  When she moved into my house to live with me the majority of her friends turned their backs on her.  Only a handful of her white girlfriends remained loyal.  Even they broke away when they married a white husband who forbade them to come visit with Alison.   It didn’t take me long to discover that High River society was no more welcoming to inter-racial couples than Salt River had been.

            Yes, my feelings were hurt but that was something to which I had already grown accustomed.  Mostly it was Alison who once again was disappointed.  People she thought were her friends simply never phoned or visited anymore.  Alison depended on me more than ever for companionship.  I was her best friend.  It was the least I could be.
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Recompense is available on all Amazon sites in both Kindle and Paperback formats.

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