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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Northern Ontario Poetry Competition Book Launch ..

We spent most of our weekend in Sudbury and our reason for being there was to attend the Northern Ontario Poetry Competition Book Launch of Northern Ontario Poetry Collection, Volume Seventeen, titled Arising From The Mist.

This is an annual competition which began way back in 1995 and continues with great success until today thanks to Deborah Ranchuk of White Mountain Publishing Company in New Liskeard.

First prize winner  is Christine Schrum of Sudbury for her poem titled Rebirth..

Second prize winner is Louise Lane also of Sudbury for her poem titled Arrivals..

Third prize winner is Donald Bennett of Haileybury for his poem titled Highway 11 North..

Honourable Mention goes to Jerry Jordison of New Liskeard; Jane Sargent Nodwell of North Bay and our own Linda Duke of Elliot Lake for her poem titled, Mind Painting.

Judges Selections were poems written by:  Yours truly, Audrey Austin; Linda-Bea Chambers; Paulette Dahl; Karen Dick; Linda Duke; Jerry Jordison; William Knoof; Louise Lane; Greg Laurenceson; M. Ann Margetson; Marc Mullo; Jane Sargent Nodwell; Mary Ruth Reed; Christine Schrum; Judy Selinger; Richard Smith; Isabella Wehner.

To read the wonderful poetry written by all the talented poets listed above check out the website of White Mountain Publishing, New Liskeard, where you will learn how to go about purchasing your copy of Arising From The Mist.

I was overjoyed to have three of my poems selected by the Judges for publication. They are titled Eleven, Eleven; To Be a Daniel; and In The Mirror.

We enjoyed our stay at the Quality Inn in Sudbury and were very pleased that our beautiful Ki proved to be an excellent traveller and a quiet hotel guest as well.  What a good boy he is!  :-)

I will post some photos below of the view from our Quality Inn window, The Bridge of Nations; of our dog, "Ki"; and of some of the participants in the Northern Ontario Poetry Competition Book Launch.

Ki and me

Brian and Ki
Deborah Ranchuk

Christine Schrum with Deborah Ranchuk

Christine Schrum

Louise Lane
Audrey Austin

Paulette Dahl


William Knoof

Greg Laurenceson

Linda-Bea Chambers

Linda Duke with Deborah Ranchuk

Linda Duke
Socializing after the book launch :

We all had some fun autographing each other's books.
So it's all over for another year .. maybe you will enter your poetry in the Northern Ontario Poetry Competition next year? 
Check out the website of White Mountain Publishing Company,
New Liskeard, Ontario, Canada.
  Thank you, Deborah.




  1. Thanks for this lovely post, Audrey! It was wonderful meeting you and hearing your poetry. What a lovely event this was! I was so happy to meet you all and hear such inspiring poems from all over Northern Ontario. Until next time...

    p.s. The woman in the blue shirt (under your photo) is Paulette Dahl.

  2. What a wonderful review of a great day and anthology! It was great to meet so many great poets from Northern Ontario. Louise Lane :)

  3. Christine, thank you. Such a pleasure to meet you too and I hope we meet again. Thank you for providing Paulette's name.

  4. Hi Louise, thank was a wonderful event and what a pleasure to meet you. :-)