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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ellen and The Hummingtree

Ellen and The Hummingtree is now in the hands of Wynterblue Publishing Canada.

I've completed the final edit and I'm very excited about the wonderful illustrations that Susan Ruby K. of has created and which are distributed throughout the book.

Ellen is a strong woman of faith.  She sits beneath her Hummingtree and talks to God through the magical yellow quartz rock. 

In a few instances I have drawn from my own life's experience but, in essence, Ellen is a composite of many beautiful, spiritual women I have known and loved throughout my journey.

It is hoped you will welcome Ellen into your heart and it is hoped you will enjoy the stories she shares with you in this book; her fictional, magical, mystical memoirs titled Ellen and The Hummingtree.

At the outset of this writing journey we met.  I became acquainted with her and now more than one year later I can say that I truly like Ellen.  She has the courage of her convictions and no matter what life threw at her, she never lost faith.

Ellen and The Hummingtree will celebrate its Elliot Lake launch Saturday, November 10, 2012 at the Gallery at the Centre located in the Civic Centre, Elliot Lake, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.    It will be an opportunity to meet the author; meet the illustrator.  There will be a reading and a book signing.   Participate in the free draw and perhaps you will win your copy of Ellen and The Hummingtree

Hope to see you there.

More information about this will be posted as we draw closer to the date. 

Books make excellent Christmas gifts.  I hope you will add Ellen to your shopping list this year and in the meantime check out the website of Susan Ruby K. at   Susan is the creator of Ellen's cover design and also the illustrations found throughout the book.

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