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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Monday, September 3, 2012

3-Day Novel Contest ...

24,400 words, 109 pages later, I have submitted my entry into the 3-Day Novel
Competition. It's a whodunit called Crabapple Court. No idea if it is a good story
 or not ...... do know that I'm wiped out. Think I'm getting too old for this stuff. lol 
But it's a done deal and for that I am overjoyed :-)

My original thought was to write a story based on a draft I had kicking around for
 years -- a romantic novel --- when it came time to write I'm not even sure why,
but I changed my mind, then thought okay, if not that, then what?

Just then I received an attachment from a friend with photos of crabapple trees

in beautiful blossom -- that was it! Crabapple Court about which I know nothing -- 
a whodunit which I had no idea who was going to do what... lol You get the idea!  
So it was brand new and even I had no idea who was guilty until I was nearing
 the end of the story lol
I found the weekend writing painful, difficult but when I completed I felt
wonderful; I hadn't let myself down.
Will I enter again next year?  I think I'll wait and decide in 2013.  :-)

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