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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pets are family members too -- please keep them warm this winter :-)

At Christmas

by Audrey Austin

Through multi-paned window

Brown eyes wishing, praying,

Desire to be inside on carpet near fireside,

To hear what they say,

To watch children play.

The children are happy, Santa has been most kind

Gifts galore on the floor just inside the door

But I feel all alone on the other side,

My feelings are injured and so is my pride.

Then finally it happens

Susan asks where is Spot?

Bobby cries come here boy and share in our joy

It’s not Christmas without you, we love you a lot.

I lift freezing paw tap, tappity, tap

On the window.  At last she looks up,

Oh, Bobby, you’ve left him outside in the cold, Susan scolds

Just before the big door swings wide.

Now through multi-paned window I watch snowflakes dancing

I lay, tail wag-wagging. I’m loving my life,

Christmas carols entrancing,

Outside reindeer are prancing,

Let me stay on the inside so there’s nothing I’ll miss,

Another dog’s Christmas and life is pure bliss.

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