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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Calling all writers to do what you do best -- let the ink flow in 2012. 

As for me, my first project of the new year will be to collaborate with artist/illustrator, Susan Krupp,, on my third novel Ellen and The Hummingtree.  Book launch is planned for fall 2012.

cover design by Susan at

My second project is to begin the challenge of writing my memoirs.  While I was disappointed not to be able to attend Dr. Ross Pennie's class on memoir writing while he was here in Elliot Lake at our Writers'  Festival in October, it  has been on my mind for some time to begin this journey.

I feel confident that 2012 will be the perfect year to complete a writing project such as this.

I also plan to continue my short story writing with Wynterblue Publishing Canada.  I will enter the WynLit 24 monthly competitions.     Over the past few years I've had more than 20 short stories published by Wynterblue.  In 2011 four of my short stories were short-listed.   I hope I can do as well in 2012. 

And in 2011 I had three short stories published in  the on-line magazine called .  I plan to submit more stories to them in 2012 and hope they will find favour.

I also submitted a short story recently to another on-line site called Chapter and Verse.   I was pleased that they liked my story titled After Words and published it.  I plan to submit more work to them in 2012.

I am also pleased that another on-line site called has welcomed me as a freelance article writer.  I've yet to submit to them but look forward to this new writing adventure in 2012 and hope I can write something that will be of interest to them.

This year I submitted a poem and was very pleased to have it selected for publication in the White Mountain Publication titled Scripted Inspiration Northern Ontario Poetry Collection, Volume Sixteen 2011.  We enjoyed our trip to New Liskeard for the launch of this book and what a pleasure  it was to once again meet with Deborah Ranchuk and the other participating poets.  In the past I've had poetry published in White Mountain Publication Anthologies; Sylvan Jottings in 2006 and Moments in Time in 2008.  I plan to do my best to have at least one or two poems written in 2012 to submit to White Mountain and hope they will find their way into publication. 

Creative writing is my joy.  I look forward to a new year of writing adventures.

Forgive the misquote but Steven King has said something like, "I write because I want to see how the story ends."   This is also true for me.   I begin writing a story but before long the character(s) take over.  I simply do my best to type fast enough to keep up with their thoughts and dialogue. 

Although retiring recently as Elliot Lake Writers'  Workshop Secretary,  I remain an active member and look forward to our monthly sessions where there is always something new and exciting to learn.

My self-help guide titled Keeping it Simple is currently sold out but I do have a few copies available for sale of my anthology titled The Silent Star plus a Dozen as well as a few copies remaining of my two novels titled Sara, a Canadian Saga and Reawakening.  Don't hesitate to contact me if you wish to purchase a copy of one of these books.  

Sara, a Canadian Saga is also published on-line at by Wynterblue Publishing Canada.   

Something I hope to learn more about in 2012 is the on-line publishing process.  I am happy and grateful that Wynterblue Publishing Canada wanted to publish SARA, a Canadian Saga, the E-book   with  I don't personally own a Kindle or any other form of electronic reader but maybe 2012 will be the year that I give in to what seems to be the book technology of the future.  If you have read and enjoyed Sara, please know that your positive comments are always welcome.  Writers know that those things which bring  joy in the writing are not always appreciated by everyone.  But let it always be known that I appreciate you wonderful readers who  take the time to tell me you enjoy what I write.  Your encouragement and support is valued.  Thank you.

This has been a sort of review of my writing adventure throughout 2011.  Together let's keep the ink flowing throughout 2012.

I wish you a very Happy New Year!  Happy writing!

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