My Books For Your Reading Pleasure

My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Friday, May 18, 2018

To celebrate the long weekend, all the short stories listed below are free in the Kindle Store on Sunday, May 20th for your reading pleasure.  

The MacPhersons are a Scottish clan who love to wallow in the drama of their neighbours while keeping just enough distance to avoid involvement. They are a nosy lot. They don’t suspect that everyone on the street is on to them. This couple is blissfully happy in their ignorance; unaware that they are known by every resident on Cordelia Crescent as The Observers.

Forty-seven year old Gwendolyn arrives at the pearly gates. St. Peter searches and finds her name recorded in The Big Book. She is distressed to learn that she is barred entrance to Heaven. He gives her one last mission to complete on earth. Will she achieve success and be granted entry by St. Peter?

Hope of Glory:  Their father died and mom needed to work. To her young son she insisted, "hold her hand, Lester." And hold his sister's hand he did. They reached a certain age and a role reversal took place. Now it was sister, Linda, keeping her eye on her big brother who was heading in the wrong direction. Later on his death bed Lester is convinced there is no hope of glory for him. Little does he know of his sister's love and the power of prayer.

It is moving day; a most difficult time. Not only is she saying good-bye to the house but also to her mother. She feels okay though, keeping herself together, until she reaches The Linen Cupboard.


After Words:  John Rowe, a retired teacher, discovered a whole new world thanks to his new laptop. He enjoyed chatting on-line but now it was time to meet the young woman. Sure, he exaggerated a little about his appearance, his age, his life. Did he exaggerate too much?

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