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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Silent Star ... a short story

Young Andrew suffers many losses. An orphan, he feels alone and unwanted. He becomes the silent star. He walks alongside the track in life; often getting stuck on the wrong side.

 Rose is his redeemer and because of her and their love for one another he overcomes all odds and becomes an inspiration to others.

The Silent Star won first place in a WynLit writing competition hosted by Wynterblue Publishing Canada.  In addition to standing alone as a short story it is also a part of my anthology titled The Silent Star Plus a Dozen which is also available on Amazon.  If you enjoy this story you will want to check out the anthology.   This is a story of abuse, overcoming, redemption and inspiration.

The Silent Star is free in the Kindle Store tomorrow, January 28th, for your reading pleasure.

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From the Author

Each of the stories contained in my short story anthology titled "The Silent Star plus a Dozen" was originally an entry in WynLit 24 competitions offered by my then publisher, Wynterblue Publishing Canada.   These 13 stories did well in competition.  Some took first place but all were short-listed.   The title is as it is because the short story titled The Silent Star received the most positive feedback and reviews.  I hope you enjoy these stories.  Writing short stories is something I love to do.

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