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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Our best friend .....

Saturday, June 11, 2016  --  

Our "Ki" is sick this evening. His stomach is very distended and he is throwing up like a white foam ....... has your pet ever had this happen to him?

I'm praying it is not bloat. Why do these things always seem to happen at hours when a vet can't be contacted? He has vomited white foam several times in the last couple of hours .....stomach swollen and tight as a drum.

I've been googling so many sites trying to gain information -- It is after 4 a.m. Ki is still vomiting white foam plus water .... he is drinking a lot of water but then vomiting ..tried taking water away but he was so desperate to drink he tried to drink out of toilet (something he has never done ever before)..... so we gave him back his water ..... thinking maybe the water is helping him to get rid of bile ......... I don't know. We are so worried about him .... waiting for daylight and the veterinarian's call.

Ki was healthy and happy. Then at 8:30 Friday evening he started vomiting a white foam .. we had no idea what was wrong. He was vomiting and in pain all night. We met the vet 7:30 Saturday morning. He gave him pain killer immediately thank God ... then he did his best to remove the gas from poor Ki's bloated stomach. Then he took an x-ray and diagnosed Ki with bloat. We don't know why or how this happened. There was a surgery available but Dr. told us there was maybe less than a 40% chance of recovery due to Ki's senior age and other factors...........he recommended and we agreed that it was time to let him go home to our Lord. Now our house feels so empty. We miss him terribly.

Our hearts are broken. He was our best friend.  We called him Mr. Barker; Sir Fartalot; My Poopie; My boy; Kiki; our "Ki". Yesterday he was fine. He was happy. At 8:30 he became very ill. This morning, Saturday, June 11th, Ki said good-bye to us, until we meet again. He has gone now to play with Dudley and Mrs. Biggles. He was a happy fellow and he was the centre of our world.  He brought joy, unconditional love acceptance, loyalty and peace into our hearts. We say good-bye for now beautiful Ki.  God blessed us by bringing you into our lives.  May God bless you, my beautiful boy.

Brian and I are very appreciative of all the kind and caring comments from our family and friends. Thank you very much. Our beautiful Ki loved relaxing and sometimes napping in The Teahouse. He loved it as much as we do. As of 8:30 a.m., June 11, 2016, The Teahouse has been officially renamed The "Ki" House in loving memory of our boy who will be always missed and always loved.   When you come to visit, choose a good weather day, and we will share a cup of tea or a cold drink in The "Ki" House. In early July, my daughter Susan, a very talented artist, will be painting a Memorial Mural on The "Ki" House wall in which Ki, Dudley, Mrs. Biggles, Sara, Sunny, and other family pets will be remembered with love. Our animals are not just pets -- they are family.

The Teahouse is now officially renamed The "Ki" House in loving memory of our Ki  2006 - June 11, 2016.

God bless our beautiful "Ki" 

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