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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

WynLit 73 Novella Writing Competition and other writing challenges .....

To write 17165 words in less than 73 hours is, indeed, a challenge but one that, in spite of the resultant exhaustion, I really enjoyed.

The WynLit 73 Wynterblue Novella annual competition is something I look forward to each year. This was my fourth year to compete.

Two out of the past three years my novellas were short listed. Will I be so fortunate this year?  I will let you know in February.

Congratulations to all who completed.  Out of 121 initial entrants 68 persevering authors ran the race to the finish. :-)

Now that the Elliot Lake Writers' Fall Festival is successfully over I still need to get busy and do final reports for Ontario Arts Council and the Community Futures Development Corporation.  I procrastinate but can't continue doing so too much longer.

On the writing front, yesterday I took one of my short stories which was just under 5,000 words long.  I edited and re-worked until the story was somewhere around 3,500 words. This is a great exercise to participate in if you are, like me, sometimes slow to get to the point.   This shorter version of my story I have e-mailed off to CommuterLit.Com    I hope they will like it enough to want to publish it. 

By the way this Thursday check out   My brother, Ray Austin, will have his story published there for your enjoyment and appreciation. 

Next writing event is happening November 19th when it will once more be time for the WynLit 24 short story writing competition.   Wynterblue Publishing's WynLit 24 is a joy and a wonderful impetus to keep me writing. 

Christmas is not far away now.......I have decided to write a poem to celebrate the day.  If I get it finished I will post it on this blog to help ring in the joyous Christmas season.

That's it for now.

If you have a poem, article or short story that you would like to share with readers of this blog e-mail it to me at  

Below is a photo of my best friend.  He's sixteen now, a sometimes grumpy old man but he holds the key to my heart and always will.

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