My Books For Your Reading Pleasure

My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Monday, November 14, 2011

BOOKS MAKE GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFTS and check out -- another short story published :-)

I'm spending too much of this beautiful sunny day preparing final reports for Ontario Arts Council and Community Futures Development Corporation with regard to our recent Elliot Lake Writers' Fall Festival.

CFDC does not require as much effort but OAC do want several pages of information ..... I don't expect to finish it all today but hope to have it done soon.

I'm very pleased to announce that are publishing another of my short stories; this one about a road to redemption titled Jacob's Seven Stones.

It will be published there Thursday, November 24th.  I hope you will read and enjoy.  You know I will appreciate any positive comments.

I recently completed and entered my submission in the Wynterblue WynLit 73 annual Novella Competition and this coming weekend November 19th I plan to enter once again the monthly short story competition WynLit 24.

As much as I enjoy short story writing my greatest love is the novel.    Too much has gotten in the way or, I should say, I have allowed too much to get in the way of the writing of my third novel, Ellen and the Hummingtree.  It is my plan to get busy on this early 2012.  Its launch will be a little later than I had originally planned but I do very much look forward to collaborating with artist/illustrator, Susan Krupp, who will be illustrating Ellen.

Please know that copies of my first two novels titled Sara, a Canadian Saga and Reawakening are available for sale. Sara is in its third printing; Reawakening in its second.

Also available are copies of my short story anthology titled The Silent Star Plus a Dozen.

Keeping it Simple is sold out at the present time.

Thank you for your continued support. To order a copy of any of my books please email me.

Thank you to Susan Krupp, artist, who designed all my book covers.
Check out her website at

BOOKS MAKE GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFTS ..  thank you for your order.

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