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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

While You Were Sleeping -- a short story in the Kindle Store on all Amazon sites

The year is 1208 in Lincolnshire, England. Walter never envied the wealth of his master. Throughout his life with the lovely Lucinda he was a happy man until that dire, dreadful day when her sickness struck with a vengeance.
The bloody flux stole Lucinda away. Walter's quest for redemption begins.

From the Author
Times were very different in the year 1208 than they are today in the 21st century.  But some things remain unchanged by the passage of time.  Love and loyalty are two of these powerful emotions and no one can give a better demonstration of these traits than Walter who truly loved his wife.  Temptation does its best to overpower his sense of devotion but  in this story we join him as he sets out on a journey to overcome.
I love short story writing.  Four of my publications are short story anthologies and several of my short stories, like Daniel, dare to stand alone.  You will find them in the Kindle Store on all Amazon sites and I hope you enjoy reading them.
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