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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

All Them Houses - a memoir - finally :-)

More than two years ago I began writing my memoir; the most difficult writing challenge I have ever faced. I struggled with the writing; often putting it aside with the resolve to forget about it. But then I would pick it up again.

 I'm blessed to be travelling a long journey. And I was beginning to think, hey, I may not be around to finish this darn project if I  don't hurry up. At that point in my writing I was in the neighbourhood of the 1980's with what seemed a very long way to go.

Just a couple of days ago, after attending the Celebration of Life of a friend, Karen Bollert, I was feeling much aware of my mortality. And I was thinking maybe I will never get this memoir completed.

A wonderful friend, Frances Van Mil, spoke to me. She encouraged me to get this memoir in print Thank you Frances.

This encouragement confirmed my decision to write my memoir in two parts. This way I can, at least, say that part one is complete.

And it is! I am awaiting proof copies from Create who have printed my memoir which I have titled "All Them Houses."

I should receive the first proof copies within a couple of weeks and shortly after that, this book will be available from and it will also be available on all Amazon sites.

Those of you who know me, know that I will be shouting it from the rooftops when the book is in print and available for purchase.

Special thanks to Brian who looked after our fur babies giving me the time I needed at the laptop. Thanks to Frances for her encouragement and support. And thanks to John Cal (Johnny Tyger ) who, probably without knowing it, encouraged me to stick with this project even when I was ready to drop it. He encouraged me just by his presence, our conversations, and by much that I have gained from shared discussions with him.

And so a new book will soon be on the market. Thanks Elliot Lake readers, and to all my readers, for your continued encouragement and support. Watch for "All Them Houses."

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