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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Lila and Sam



They became my family members two and a half months ago; cute little rescues who had never been socialized with people or other animals.  I was totally unprepared for the gifts they brought with them.  My past experience with Dudley, my little Jack Russell; and with Ki, my big Mastiff/German Shepherd; is not very helpful in the situation in which I currently find myself.

These beautiful little Chihuahuas bring joy, happiness, and love into my life.  These two little six-year-olds also bring more chaos into my life than I ever could have imagined.

Yes, they are little poop factories  but fortunately they "almost" always do their manufacturing outside.

Yes, they could be aptly named Mr. and Mrs. Barker with a dislike of children and other dogs.

Yes, they extend their dislike to strangers making it difficult for me to easily enjoy the company of others in my home. 

Yes, I am stressed prior to grooming appointments praying nails will be trimmed without injury to the humans involved.

As adorable as he can be, the sharp-witted, and often affectionate, Sam has no understanding of obedience.   Yes, he will come when called; will go outside when necessary; will be playful and lovable -- when he wants to be.   He is, without doubt, the most disobedient little fellow I have ever known.   If he is comfortable in his little bed, or on the sofa, or in a chair, or anywhere for that matter, he cannot be moved if he does not choose to move.  

Why,  you may wonder.  I don't know why he is this stubborn.  But I do know that if I take any steps to insist that he be moved, especially at bed time when I want him in his linoleum floored bedroom for obvious reasons, he will become ferocious.  And I do not exaggerate when I use the word ferocious.  He will growl; a very loud growl considering his small size.  And he will bite.  I have been bitten several times in the past two and a half months; most recently just a couple of days ago. 

My choice seems to be will I be bitten or will I let him stay where he is and be greeted with poop on my carpet in the morning.   I confess neither choice is one I find appealing.

As lovable and as obedient as our lovely Lila can be, she cannot bear to be away from Sam overnight.  She very willingly goes into her linoleum-floored bedroom and into her cozy bed.  And there she will be, waiting for Sam to also come into the bedroom and into his cozy bed.

With Sam in the room with her, Lila is happy and content.  Both she and Sam will spend a comfortable night and I will appreciate a good night's sleep.

However, if Sam is stuck into his little bed in the living-room downstairs, then Lila is very upset because he is not in the room with her.   She cries; she scratches at the door, she becomes extremely hyper and then, destructive.   Twice now she has torn up the linoleum on the floor; fortunately the second time the lino could be repaired; rather than being replaced as was the case the first time this happened.

My choice seems to be that I spend a sleepless night knowing that Lila is having a meltdown in her bedroom or I allow her out of the bedroom and into the living room where she will happily sleep in her little bed next to the stubborn Sam who will not be moved.   This second choice sounds the more reasonable plan of action; and it is - assuming I am prepared to have more lovely little poops on my carpet.      

I confess neither choice is one that I find appealing.

I am indeed doing my best to deal with this dilemma.  I am not successful yet.

I love Lila and Sam.   In spite of all that I have said, it is true that 95% of the time they are both wonderful little pets; responsive to love, care, and attention.

I am not creating this post to complain.   I know that complaining will get me no where.

I am creating this post because perhaps someone reading my words will relate to what I am saying.  Maybe you have had a similar experience with your little Chihuahuas.

I really don't know what to do.   I have no solution and no past experience with pets has prepared me for this dilemma.

If you have some positive advice that will assist, I am most definitely open to hearing about your experiences and solutions. 

I know there is a solution.  I just have not discovered it yet.

Thanks for your good advice.  :-)

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