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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


About Reawakening:

Unlike many of their acquaintances they stayed in love and they stayed married for many years. Jim was now an old man, even by earth’s standards, when he suffered the fatal coronary. He left his young wife a childless widow. She mourned. She grieved. She never remarried. Jim was her only love. Linda grew old as her husband before her had grown old. She died a peaceful death.

And then it happened . . .


Publisher's Review:

Every now and then a manuscript comes across my desk that completely captivates me. Austin has reached inside the human heart and removed all boundaries pertaining to everlasting love . . . and her ability to play with the English language successfully is astounding.

Austin’s Reawakening is a must-read. It will take you into a land not far from your heart and bring you back to earth again - believing that all things are possible with love and hope.

Maggie Kirton
Executive Director
Wynterblue Publishing

Cover Design:  Susan Ruby K.  
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