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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ellen and The Hummingtree is now a Kindle Book

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I am so happy to announce that now my most recent novel titled Ellen and The Hummingtree is a Kindle Book published by Wynterblue Publishing Canada on

Thank you for your "likes"  and for your  positive reviews.

The first print run of Ellen and The Hummingtree has sold out.

Below is some feedback from readers of Ellen and The Hummingtree:

The Write Read for a Wintry Afternoon  --  Review by Phyllis Humby

Easy for you to say, Steve baby.That’s my response to Stephen King’s famous quote – they’re all famous −“If you don't have time to read, you don't have the time (or the tools) to write.Simple as that.”It's not always that simple.

My books have been gathering dust and creating stress.Yes, it stresses me out when everything seems to take precedence over reading.Anyway, today I finished a book that I couldn’t wait to receive in the mail – months ago − Ellen and the Hummingtree by Audrey Austin, a writer from Elliott Lake.

I had the good fortune to meet Audrey online and become acquainted with her writing.If memory serves correctly, I first noticed Audrey’s work on, a site that has featured my work as well.

Ellen and the Hummingtree is an interesting book about a woman of deep faith who has a unique coping mechanism.She speaks to God.Now, I know you will argue that many of us speak to God.But Ellen believes God lives inside a large yellow quartz rock in her backyard.Oh, and of course He speaks to her too.There’s a little hole in the top of the rock.Never mind, just read the book.

It is a collection of well-written stories that weave back and forth through the emotional circumstances of a woman’s life.These stories delve into her relationships as a daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, and friend.Oh, and cousin – I forgot about her cousin Marielle.

In my opinion – only my opinion – the theme of this book is fear.I know that some of you who are familiar with this book may harrumph at that statement but a book is very personal.It’s interpreted differently by each reader.That’s why I love talking to my first readers.I’m fascinated by the interpretation of my work.Each person sees something different or relates with a different character.I digress (as always).

Audrey’s character, Ellen, is on her own to raise two children.Fear.Her grandson, who has a learning disability, is bullied at school.Fear.God lives in a rock in her backyard.That would scare the crap out of me.(My attempt at humour – I’m sorry)

Ellen has many fears, as do we all.The fear of growing old and senile, the fear of having to give up a home to live in a facility.Then there is the ultimate fear.Of growing older and older and older, when all she wants is to re-unite with all the loved ones that have passed on.You do remember that I said this was strictly my opinion.

Near the end of the book there is a chapter I Need You to Remember Me.I remember reading that story, or at least an edited version, some time ago.Please tell me, Audrey, that this was a published short story at some point.If not, I had an incredible déjà vu moment.I liked the story the first time I read it – otherwise I never would have remembered it – and it will remain indelible in my mind.

The last chapter Time to Go Home is melancholy and poignant.I have witnessed death and thought about life after death.I appreciate Audrey Austin’s rendering.This chapter was a fitting ending to a thought provoking book with a unique approach.

Ellen and the Hummingtree by Audrey Austin; a good read for a wintry afternoon.

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From another reader of Ellen and The Hummingtree..

    a Review by Marilyn Dewar

Hi Audrey, I just read your book "Ellen and the Hummingtree" what a wonderful book! You really do have a wonderful, amazing talent of writing. It was so captivating I could hardly put it down. My question is what is truth and what is fiction? As an author you probably won't tell me. Anyway, I really did enjoy it, what a way to start the New Year with a great book and I even know the Author! Happy New Year and happy writing - I'm waiting for the next book!!!!

A Review by Alex McIlvray of Ellen and The Hummingtree ..

Ellen and the Hummingtree

Ellen and the Hummingtree
Audrey Austin
Wynterblue Publishing
Ellen and the Hummingtree is the story of Ellen and a rock through which she speaks to God. The rock moves with her as she lives her life. Ellen doesn’t have an easy life, but the rock encourages her and gives her courage. Through Ellen we meet her family and close friends, and especially the voice of God that whispers to her through the chunk of yellow quartz.
Ellen is very human with her share of flaws. The story is as much about her learning to accept those flaws in herself and others as anything else. She grows substantially by the close of the book. There are times when I wanted to give her a good talking to, and other times when she shows grace and humility.
Audrey has created a memorable character in Ellen. She is very well portrayed and has a wonderful complexity. The story moves back and forth in time as Ellen explores her life. The important movement isn’t chronological but her development of love and faith through the rock in her garden.
I enjoyed reading the book and would recommend it for those who like strong women characters.

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