My Books For Your Reading Pleasure

My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

I'm spending as much of this dry, hot summer as possible in my cool basement where I am currently working on what I hope is the final re-write of chapter twelve of  my third novel titled
Ellen and The Hummingtree.  
There will be 17 chapters in total and I promise you an enjoyable read.

Ellen and The Hummingtree is a story about Ellen; a woman of faith who talks to God through a yellow quartz rock as she sits on her garden bench beneath the Lilac Hummingtree.
Ellen allows us glimpses into her unique life; glimpses of her childhood years; glimpses of her journey through the joys and challenges of life as a vibrant young woman; more glimpses of Ellen as an older woman who tries to make some sense of it all, and glimpses of Ellen, the old woman, who does her best to remember everyone and everything
and who sometimes has great difficulty remembering anything.

Ellen is likeable.  Ellen is authentic. Ellen is unique.

Cover design and amazing illustrations throughout the novel are
by Susan Ruby K.
Check out her website at

And to learn more about Ellen and The Hummingtree check out my website.

The Elliot Lake launch of Ellen and The Hummingtree is planned for the fall of 2012

 in plenty of time for Christmas gift-giving.

Ellen will also be made available as a Kindle Book by Wynterblue Publishing Canada

My first two novels Sara, a Canadian Saga and Reawakening
are both currently available in paperback (email me for your copy)

and as on-line Kindle Books published by Wynterblue Publishing Canada
and available through

For those of you who enjoy reading short stories I'm happy to tell you
that I still have a very few copies of my anthology titled
The Silent Star plus a Dozen
available for sale. 
I'm just an email away.  Contact me if you want to buy a copy.

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