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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cover Story by Susan Krupp ...


By Susan Krupp

Three months ago, Gerald A. Servais, an author from Edmonton,
Alberta contracted me to design two covers for books close to
publication. I agreed.  I'm a visual artist.

I grabbed the challenge with a clear head and fresh coffee. 
One was a horror story. A ghost, a woman and a young girl
were focal subjects. Immediately my mind conjured scenarios. 
After the mention of an old farm house, I was off.

The creative process for me is an almost dissociative one. 
I immerse myself in color, and space and time become lost
tokens rearing up only when the light becomes dim or the
coffee gone.

The first copy I e-mailed to Gerald left him speechless, which
for a writer I suppose was a little awkward.  He told me that
his excitement to print his book heightened exponentially after
seeing the cover design.  A wonderful compliment! The visual
gave his book a sense of reality. It seemed full and right
and ready. After a few minor tweaks and a few short days Gerald
had his cover, and I had the pleasure of making his publishing
experience a positive one.

I've read many books, and I've listened to numerous records
(when vinyl was in). I always gravitated to the covers that
popped, or seemed out of the ordinary, simply beautiful and
more importantly, said something to me about the story or the
music. It's a reaction. A connection I made personally with my
own subconscious.

Gerald's second book is a psychological thriller, and for me
this was a fantastic opportunity to create imagery that
hopefully made a reader feel uneasy, but not afraid to open
the cover. At least not yet! Somehow I merged the characters
and created an ambience that, according to Gerald, was 'spot on!'  

Inspiration translated loosely from the Greek means 'breath of
angels', and I believe this is as close an explanation as any.
There's nothing more satisfying than making a connection with
the writer and his book.

A book cover is a visual synopsis of the writing encased. 
It's the guts of the tale. Its purpose is to entice someone
to hold the book. Open up. Read.

Titles and designs are equally important. I believe a title
can capture the eye when coupled with the right design
simultaneously. This is where the author and designer wed in
a way. It's a wonderful process! I make friends with writers.
We stay in touch, and the relationship is profoundly close. 
A special bond.

It's a privilege for me as an artist to be privy to a writers'
mind. I'm fascinated with every project. So, if you're a budding
writer or a seasoned author, I accept and respect your
creativity. In your decision to select an artist for your book's
cover, realize that communication, connection and positive
collaboration are a must. The perfect union can result in
something wonderful.

Susan Krupp was born in Toronto, Ontario and grew up in New
Zealand. She studied at the Ontario College of Art and became
hooked on computer graphics after having been introduced to
Corel back in the 80's. She has murals in three provinces and
won awards in Corel's first International In House Design

She's collaborated with Audrey Austin, author of Sara, A
Canadian Saga, Reawakening, and The Silent Star plus a dozen.

Susan will be illustrating Audrey Austin's next book, Ellen and the Hummingtree.

 She's also designed covers for Edmonton Writer, Gerald A Servais
whose work Thistles and Thorns of Blackwood and The Coriolis Effect:
the Second Law will be available in the fall.

Samples of her work can be viewed at  and 

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