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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer .......

The scattered shades of pink throughout my garden make me smile.  A summer garden is quite an undemanding guest requiring only a little love and attention though, no doubt, in need of lots of cool drinks.   Today it is 37 degrees C. on the back deck; a good day to stay indoors some might suggest.  I thank God for the roof over my front verandah that affords us some cooling shade even on the most hot and humid of days.

Apart from my entries into Wynterblue WynLit monthly writing competitions I've been doing little creative writing this summer.  I promise myself I will get very busy and focused on "Ellen and the Hummingtree"  once the Elliot Lake Writers' Fall Festival is successfully behind us.  

I very much look forward to my first collaboration with Susan Krupp, .  Susan will be illustrating "Ellen".  We anticipate this book launch will be taking place early winter of 2012.

Maggie Kirton, Executive Director of Wynterblue Publishing Canada, has been generous in her opinions about certain of my short story entries.  For example, about the last entry titled The Second Self , Mags wrote,  

"I just read your story. I don’t know where this came from, Audrey, but I have yet to read a more well written, empathetic and insightful piece of work about child abuse. Leave this one with me,,, I’m going to see if I can find a home for it.Gongrats on this one."

Thank you, Mags.

 I confess the novel is my passion but I do enjoy writing short stories; particularly short stories about certain social issues.   No doubt this is because of my background as a psychotherapist but writing about such topics as child abuse is tough.  Knowing where to draw the line between authentic reality of a situation and the sensitivities of the story's steal a few words from favourite author Rohinton Mistry,  requires "a fine balance".

Maybe you like reading short stories?
If so, perhaps I can interest you in buying a copy of my first short story anthology titled The Silent Star plus a Dozen.  

I have several copies on hand.  I'm just an email away and I welcome your order.

Short stories are ideal for summer reading.

Throughout these hot days, easy does it, and stay cool. 
Cover design by Susan Krupp,

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