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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Congratulations to local artist, Susan Krupp, runner up in Worldwide Photography Portraits & People Competition

The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards
Announcements/ Press Release

2nd Edition of the
Portraits & People Contest


Antonio Faccilongo, from Italy, won the First Prize in the Second Edition of the Portraits & People Contest organized by The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards, juried by the WPGA's Editorial Team and Julio Hardy.

Fran Forman, from USA, was awarded with the Second prize.  Runners up were the artists Dorothee Rapp (Germany); Gavor Dvornik (Hungary); Jacquline Roberst (USA); M. Istvan Kerekes (Hungary); Magdalena Waslczek (Poland); Novik 74 (Russia); Probal Rashid (Bangladesh); Reuben Njaa (USA); Virginia Saunders (USA); Susan Krupp (Canada); and Vahid Ghasemi Zarnoosheh (Iran).

8240 images were received from 70 countries. 628 images passed the first screening and were entered into the second screening.  274 images of 212 artists were selected to be featured in the Book Portraits and People 2011 - 2nd Edition.

WPGA Congratulates all contestants and awardees.

Congratulations, Susan!  Well done!

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