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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Thursday, March 2, 2017

All Them Houses ... a memoir

Writing my memoir is much more challenging than I ever imagined it would be.   I began writing All Them Houses more than two years ago.   160 pages later I have talked about excerpts from the first half of my life.  

I've spent much time locating the photos displayed in this book.  Because the pictures are old, and in poor condition, I hesitated to use them.  The photos are better viewed in the paperback version of the book than they are in the Kindle edition where they are really condensed and too small for clear viewing.  For this, I apologize.

I am still writing my memoir.  Part two will be titled All Them Houses .... from John, Paul, to Bedlam

This book will begin where All Them Houses .... a memoir leaves off.

One thing I have learned and one that I will put into practice in part two of my memoir is to allow each photo a larger spot on the page.    Memoir writing is cathartic.  I find it a challenge to keep the focus on my story and not that of the loved ones in my life.  The temptation to focus on others is always there.  I need to keep reminding myself that the memoir is my own.

I hope you enjoy reading All Them Houses ... a memoir. is the link where you will find it.

It is also available in both Kindle and paperback editions on all Amazon sites.

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