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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Moose Road - a Canadian Tragedy has arrived .............

Moose Road - a Canadian Tragedy   arrived this morning and there is no one more excited than me.   The cover design is beautiful, thank you, Susan.   Wynterblue Publishing Canada Inc. have done a wonderful job putting it all together and I send special thanks to Executive Director, Maggie Kirton.
I feel very honoured because when she read my manuscript and loved the story, she made the decision to create the first print run as a numbered limited edition.  
Mags told me that it took her longer than usual to format the book because she couldn't stop reading the story; it held her attention throughout and there were times, she told me, when she could not hold back the tears. 
The five beautiful illustrations by Susan Ruby K. of are reproduced on parchment paper giving the book a touch of elegance.
The local Elliot Lake launch will be taking place soon.
AT THIS TIME for readers who live outside of Elliot Lake please e-mail me,
to place your order.   Let me know your favourite number and if it is available you will have it.  Just in case someone else has already chosen that number please give me your second choice.
Moose Road - a Canadian Tragedy   is a story told by the residents of the seven farms located on Moose Road.  The characters are alive as each one shares thoughts, dreams and fears.  Each tells the reader how the tragic accident between the school bus and the snow plow impacted their lives.
And the horrific aftermath of the accident leaves not only the residents but the entire nation in a state of shock.
Only the road itself knows the truth and, of course, everyone knows that a road cannot tell a story.
I am totally overjoyed to offer this, my fourth novel, to you the reader.
I have received kudos from the few pre-readers who each assure me that this is my best work yet.
And so I repeat for those readers who live outside of Elliot Lake my email is
The books are available to you now and thank you in advance for your order.


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