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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thoughts about Mothers' Day ......

To borrow a line from a very old movie - "Most of all, I remember Mama."   I was blessed to be the daughter of a caring, lovely, loving and dependable mother.  Unfortunately she passed away when she was eighty-four but I am very grateful that she was a most important part of my life for forty-nine years.

It's not easy being a mother.  I know this from personal experience having raised two beautiful and talented daughters.  No, it is probably the biggest challenge I have ever had to meet.  My Mom would probably draw on the old proverb and say, "the proof is in the pudding."     I am very proud of the beautiful adult women who are my daughters.  They are each loving, caring and responsible women which tells me that, in spite of my youthful inexperience, when raising my children I must have done something right.

It is easier being a grandmother and I am very proud of my three grandsons.   Since I never had a son I am grateful to have three handsome and intelligent young men as a very important part of my life.  They are good boys, each of them, and I am happy that I did get my three boys the easy way.  Well, maybe not so easy for my daughter, their mother, because I repeat, it is not always easy being a mother.

Years pass quickly and soon it will be yet another Mothers' Day.  Already I have received a beautiful floral bouquet from one of my daughters and I'm looking forward to attending a concert with my other daughter this weekend.  I am a very fortunate woman.

I want to just take this moment to wish a very Happy Mothers' Day to all the Moms who visit my blog.  Let us all pray that when our days of living upon this planet are done our children will feel good when they remember us and say, "Most of all I remember Mama."

The following poem is written by my sister, Eleanor, 
who lives in Bermuda
  We remember our Mom on this special day
 She was so kind, gentle and sweet in every way. 

  Many years have passed since she went to her home above

  We will always remember her attributes but especially her love. 

  She was a born again Christian, put God first in her life,

  Enabling her to get through all the struggles and strife. 

  Three sisters I have who are mothers as well,

  Following the examples of our Mother to tell…. 

  That He is the answer to all to all of our needs

  She set great examples for us to follow in deed.  

Happy Mother’s day to Muriel, who has gone to heaven’s abode.

To Eleanor, Audrey and Linda, still here on this earth below. 

            A Special Happy Mothers Day to our Mom.


  1. New blog looks great!

    For Mother's Day, I posted an essay that I wrote a few years ago, also about "Mama". :)

  2. I look forward to reading your essay, Patricia :-)