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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Meet the Author

Meet the Author is one of my earlier website pages that I invite you to visit.  There I have made a list of some of the many pieces of creative writing that found their way, and I will say one way or another, into publication.

Publishers including Wynterblue Publishing Canada and White Mountain Publications have blessed my life and I am grateful to Maggie Kirton and Deborah Ranchuk for their support and encouragement.

I have experienced some self-publishing but, alas, I am not as good a promoter as I am a dreamer.  The freedom to tour with my books, as often authors do, is one I am unable to experience to date.  Perhaps this will be something I will make part of my life in the future.
Since the publication of The Silent Star plus a Dozen I have written many more short stories.  Some of them have been published in e-zines such as or    In time, which is something  of which I never seem to have enough despite the fact that I know timelessness is a reality, I hope to put together another anthology which will contain more short stories I hold in my collection.

Thanks to Wynterblue Publishing Canada my first novel titled Sara, a Canadian Saga is now also available as an E-book on   Personally I still prefer the feel of a real book in my hands but for those of you who enjoy your E-readers I hope you will shop for a copy of Sara, a Canadian Saga

Currently my writing focus is on what will be my third novel titled Ellen and The Hummmingtree.  For the first time artist/illustrator Susan Krupp who also happens to be my daughter is collaborating with me.  Together we will produce this book.  Planned Elliot Lake launch of Ellen and The Hummingtree will be sometime in the fall of 2012.   You will enjoy your journey once you enter the creative world of Susan's website which is called 

Life sometimes gets in the way of living -- that may sound crazy but it is a truth; mine anyway.
Even the writing of this very short blog post has been interrupted several times by my adorable Dudley needing to get outside to pee; by an overflowing laundry basket that definitely needed to find its way to the washing machine; by the intrusive telephone that always seems to ring when I least want to hear it and by several other very ordinary life occurrences that seem to excel in announcing, "Who says creative writing should be a priority in your life?  Only you; yes only you."

But I insist and I persist.  Sometimes I shout, "I hate this life that gets in the way of what I really want to be doing."   It is my frustration that does all the shouting.   I know I am not the only writer who feels this way at times........perhaps you have at times felt this way too.  Perhaps we really do need to lock ourselves into an attic room and close out the rest of the world but then without life's experience, what on earth would we find to write about?    The bittersweetness of finding the balance is an admirable goal.  As the old saying goes, "Writers write" and when the ink flows it is indeed a joyful experience.

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