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My Books For Your Reading Pleasure
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Friday, July 29, 2022

Passion for Staying Put - free this weekend in the Kindle Store.

 Eleven years have passed. Arthur and Marion attempt to move on in the aftermath of the tragic loss their only child, Jennifer. Passion for Staying Put was a semi-finalist in the 2013 John Kenneth Galbraith Short Story Writing Award Competition.

Passion for Staying Put, a short story, is free for your reading pleasure on all Amazon sites in the Kindle Store this weekend, July 30th and July 31st.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Elliot Lake Writers is alive .........

 Once a month, beginning the last Friday afternoon in September, from 2 pm to 4 pm, Elliot Lake Writers will meet in my home. This is not a teaching class but a social time; an opportunity for creative writers to discuss and share their currrent writing projects. Maximum attendance is 8 due to limited space. If interested, please message me.

Thursday, July 21, 2022

POartRY and PROSE is coming soon to all Amazon sites! :-)

 Coming soon! Watch for my 21st publication, POartRY and PROSE, soon available exclusively on all Amazon sites for your reading and viewing pleasure. This publication will celebrate my 15th Creative Writing Anniversary. Visit my author's page at 

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

REAWAKENING free in the Kindle Store July 23rd and 24th

 About Reawakening:

Unlike many of their acquaintances they stayed in love and they stayed married for many years. Jim was now an old man, even by earth’s standards, when he suffered the fatal coronary. He left his young wife a childless widow. She mourned. She grieved. She never remarried. Jim was her only love. Linda grew old as her husband before her had grown old. She died a peaceful death.

And then it happened . . .


Publisher's Review:

Every now and then a manuscript comes across my desk that completely captivates me. Austin has reached inside the human heart and removed all boundaries pertaining to everlasting love . . . and her ability to play with the English language successfully is astounding.

Austin’s Reawakening is a must-read. It will take you into a land not far from your heart and bring you back to earth again - believing that all things are possible with love and hope.

Maggie Kirton
Executive Director
Wynterblue Publishing

REAWAKENING is free for your reading pleasure this weekend Saturday, July 23rd and Sunday, July 24th.   Check out my author's page at

Thursday, July 7, 2022

ELLEN and THE HUMMINGTREE is FREE in the Kindle Store July 9 and 10, 2022

 In celebration of my birthday and of my 15th Creative Writing Anniversary, I am pleased to announce that ELLEN and THE HUMMMINGTREE is FREE in the Amazon Kindle Store on Saturday, July 9th and Sunday, July 10th.

ELLEN and THE HUMMINGTREE: Austin, Audrey, Krupp, Susan Ruby: 9781926614670: Books -

Ellen is a woman I came to know well during the writing of my third novel Ellen and The Hummingtree. She often puzzled me yet she also had the ability to make me laugh and cry. I grew to love her. And the more I came to know her I began to realize that she truly is a composite of the many caring spiritual women I have known throughout my life. Alzheimer is a dreadful disease and Ellen's victimization is a heartbreak. My writing of Ellen and The Hummingtree comes straight from the heart. I hope you will love her as I do.



I've been on a creative writing hiatus since the release of my latest novel, STRUGGLE - to reach the bridge of light which is available for your reading pleasure exclusively on Amazon.  

STRUGGLE - To Reach the Bridge of Light

This week, inspired by my good friend, Kathleen Burke, I am once again letting the ink flow.   It's early days as I've just begun writing again today.   But I do have a title!   Watch for my next publication on Amazon which will be titled  POARTRY and PROSE.

Creative writing is my passion.  Another passion is painting with both oil and acrylic paints.  

POARTRY and PROSE  will marry my two passions, and this marriage will soon be ready for your reading and viewing pleasure.   

It won't be a long wait.   I'm writing as fast as I can ....... joking, of course.  But, all joking aside, please watch for  my 21st creative writing publication which will be released exclusively on Amazon.

Until then, thanks for checking out all my publications available on all Amazon sites.   My Amazon Author's Page

Friday, July 1, 2022

Happy Canada Day! xoxoxox


SARA, a Canadian Saga FREE in the Kindle Store

 To celebrate Canada Day, my first publication, "Sara, a Canadian Saga", will be free for your reading pleasure in Amazon's Kindle Store, July 1, 2022 to July 4, 2022.

The time is 1916. Sara is a 10 year old girl in rural Prince Edward Island. Roy is a 10 year old boy in mining town, Nova Scotia. Through their eyes we see, feel and experience their childhood challenges. We follow them through adolescence and their turbulent teen years. We celebrate their courtship and suffer their lost innocence in the wedding ritual. They take us through the Great Depression and share with us the frustrations, dreams and challenges they face in adulthood. As parents they introduce us to their children. This story appeals to all ages because Sara and Roy hold up a mirror and ask the reader to recognize truth about the human condition for many Canadian families through difficult economic times. We witness love that does not come neatly wrapped and experience the quiet, sometimes desperate, drama of lives unfolding.

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

 My poem about and my painting of "The Forgiving One"

I love the story I've been told
of a baby born long ago
in difficult times
to a young single mom
who seemed unprepared
for the power and strength
of the boy as he grew
into a manhood
admired and respected.
He walked on his journey,
was honoured and welcomed
into the hearts
and the minds of the people
he touched with his wisdom,
touched with his hope and his love.
Two thousand and more years
have come and have gone
the message of Jesus has never been lost
and maybe
because the lesson is simple
or maybe
because his words were direct,
he is revered
and he is debated
but his directives
if not always followed,
are always remembered,
At least that's what they say.
Love one another
Seems to be easy
seems that this should be a natural thing to do
but people decided
that Jesus was wrong;
and they wrote their own words
to his original song.
Love one another
Love one another
except for
those of a different colour;
except for
those of a different religion;
except for
those of different sexual orientation;
except for
those who make more money;
except for
those who are poorer than Job;
except for
your neighbour
and except for
I love the story
I've been told of Jesus.
Too bad
people had to turn his story
into a fiction;
an excuse;
a reason to hate;
a church
and a building
with an ever growing number
of empty pews
because we choose not
to do as he taught
simply love one another.
I guess
It's not always easy
To be simple.
.......a poem from "Poetry from A to Z" by Audrey Austin

Painting - oil on canvas - by Audrey Austin

Monday, June 6, 2022


"At Home"

Many years ago, a woman would let it be known to her family, friends, and acquaintances that on a certain afternoon each month she would be 'at home' to welcome them for a visit.

I love the idea of this old-fashioned custom and I have often thought I would like to make it a part of my lifestyle.

I would not expect my guests to dress formally as the lovely ladies above.   And both male & female friends will be welcome.  A most casual style of dress would be what you will find me wearing. 

I will put the kettle on, have the teacups on the table with a plate of munchies.   You will be most welcome to come and enjoy a visit with me and with any who might also decide to arrive.

Does this sound like fun?   

I hope so because soon I will be announcing that Audrey is 'at home'.   Message me if you would like to participate and I will give you my address (if you don't already have it).    :-) <3 

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Support Local Talent

 He's a writer living in Elliot Lake; she's an actress; he's an artist; she's a musician. If they are so good, why are they living in Elliot Lake, they ask. After all, we know, "nothing good can come out of Nazareth".

I hear people say, this famous band is coming to town, can't wait to buy a ticket. Do you buy a ticket to hear the local band perform? Or do you think their performance should be free in the local restaurant or park?
I hear people say, an amazing art exhibit is happening with artists from all over the country exhibiting; can't wait to attend. Do you buy art from local visual artists? Or do you think it should be free to view at local craft shows?
I hear people say, I buy books all the time. Have you read the work of this famous author? Do you buy books from local authors? Or do you think their books should be free from the local library?
I hear people say, can't wait to watch the academy awards. Do you support local actors and attend local shows when presented? Or do you think their talents should be free? After all, they are amateurs, right? Of course, professionals need to be paid.
Yes, I know many talented people living in Elliot Lake who, like me, could say, 'Thankfully I don't have to support myself with my art. If I did I'd probably starve to death.'
If these artists lived in New York, Paris, Toronto, we would give anything to hear, read, view, their work.
But, after all, we know nothing good can come out of Elliot Lake.
As for me, I am grateful to be sharing this small city with such talented and motivated people. ❤
Support local local talent, local ideas and endeavours.

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

I Had a Dream -- 5.5.5 is for David


Prophetic dreams are something I am at home with.  If it were not for a repetitive dream I experienced back in the mid-nineties I would not currently be living in Elliot Lake.  I wrote lyrics to a song about this dream, "I followed my heart to the 108 Highway".  

I don't often have repetitive dreams but, when I do, they are usually prophetic. 

A long time ago in either 1998 or 1999 when I was living in Caledon East I began having a repetitive dream which always left me with the thought that, "5.5.5 is for David".  

For reasons I cannot explain this dream has never been forgotten by me.

After I'd had the dream several times I knew that I had to draw it out of me.   My twin grandsons, who were then only eight years old joined me in a painting session.  They were much more talented than their grandmother but, with my dream in my thoughts and in my heart, I began to paint.

I kept the painting on cardboard in the back of my closet for several years.  In fact, it was only five years ago while preparing for my move from Central to Roman Avenue that I finally let it go into the trash.  Now I wish I had kept it.

As I remember it, the painting was about 12 inches across and maybe three feet high.  Drawing from memory of my dream and from my heart, I just let the paint flow.   

Flames of destruction rose from the bottom to the top.  Within the flames were the numbers 5.5.5   The three fives along with three triangles danced amid destruction and I felt them rise up in what, to me, meant a victory.

That was my dream; one that I will never forget.

Now just the other day my niece, Karen, posted on Facebook.  I will try to copy and paste her post here.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't pay too much attention to numbers like these.  But immediately upon reading Karen's post, I thought of my dream.  You see 68 adds up to 5.  6+8=14  1+4=5.

Three 68's are the same thing as three fives.  Immediately I was thinking of my 5.5.5 is for David.

Now my first born grandson's name is David.  So for all these years I have been thinking this repetitive dream may have been referencing something to do with his life experience.

However, more recently someone was mentioning the story of David and Goliath in reference to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Somehow this also clicked for me.  And now I am thinking that my dream of 5.5.5 is symbolic of the date the Russian invasion into Ukraine started.  I'm thinking that Ukraine is David up against, the giant Goliath.

And then I think of the child-like painting I created years ago where the 5.5.5 for David is rising up within the flames of destruction.

Is this dream symbolic of a victory for Ukraine?   Or will war escalate to the point of total destruction and a victory beyond life here on earth.

I am left to wonder.  

Prayers for the people of Ukraine.  Prayers for the ordinary people of Russia.  Prayers for our world.

An afterthought:  Just now I googled the numbers 5.5.5 as I hoped to find some sort of image that I might add to the bottom of my blog post just to make it look good.

I was very surprised to just now learn that someone in Argentina made a film in 2013, titled it 5-5-5, and what I just read is that this movie is about a fellow named Gabriel and his search for the prediction of final cataclysm. 

5.5.5 (2013) - Plot Summary Poster



Showing all 1 items
Jump to: 


  • Gabriel, a professor of philosophy and logic in the night school, will be immersed in trying to understand the meaning of the prophetic drawings of Benjamin Solari Parravicini, an Argentine artist who predicted the WTC 9/11 event in 1939, and other historical events; considered the Latin American Nostradamus. Gabriel will be embarking with his cousin Tony, in an thriller story, intrigue and drama, with escalating obsession to discover the prediction of final cataclysm, with characters who will guide you towards a destiny unavoidable and unexpected.

  • Is this coincidence?  

  • Now it is my goal to learn more about Benjamin Solari Parravicini, someone I've never heard of before.  I want to see his prophetic drawings.

  • Someone, other than me, has named their film 5-5-5 and this film just happens to be about a topic similar to that of my repetitive dream which I first experienced in either 1998 or 1999.  I haven't seen this movie but you can bet that I'm going to find it and I'm going to watch it.  Now I am left with the desire to find the writer of this movie.   I want to talk with this person.

  • I am feeling other-worldly right now so think it's a good place to stop this blog post.   Prayers for Ukraine.  Prayers for our world.

Monday, February 7, 2022

5 Star Review for Struggle to Reach the Bridge of Light


Top review from Canada

Reviewed in Canada on December 27, 2021
Verified Purchase
It has been quite a while since I have been able to enjoy the respite of a fiction novel -
 that is, until now. "Struggle to Reach the Bridge of Light" is perfectly suited for this
 time. Instead of asking the reader to forget about the pandemic, the decimation of 
our living planet, conflict about religion, and the rise of authoritarian politics, Austin
 weaves all these topics into this wonderful, uplifting story of seven characters. 
Thank you, Audrey Austin, for this book. Itself, a ray of light perfectly suited for
 this time.

I am very thrilled to receive this positive 5 star review for my most recent 
publication, "Struggle - To Reach the Bridge of Light".
I often hear from friends who tell me they enjoyed one or more of my 
publications but I don't receive many reviews on Amazon.  They are so 
appreciated and welcomed.  
Thanks to all who take the time to share their positive comments about any
 of my work.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Old Man in a Chair



His dreams for peace 

Never found release

 Throughout many years of strife.

Now the man in the chair simply sits and stares

 In the sunset of his life.

Life is good and life goes on

But it's shorter than it seems.

Enjoy the moments as they come,

Be strong and follow your dreams.

Old Man in a Chair - Oil on canvas.
My painting inspired me to write the little poem.

"I am I said..." - Neil Diamond.

Thursday, December 30, 2021

A New Year will soon begin .........

 Today is Thursday, December 30th.  Tomorrow is New Year's Eve.

2021 has been a most interesting year, a good year for me in many ways.   I made the decision to sell my house and to become an apartment dweller.   As the snow falls I'm thinking I made the right decision as this winter I don't need to be concerned about keeping the driveway and back patio & deck clear of the white stuff.  I don't need to be concerned about too much snow piling up on the roof or the old furnace giving up.   

It's true that apartment living is a zero financial investment.  It's also true that there are no, or at least limited, financial surprises.

I've never publicly talked much about the fact that I had a quite severe adverse reaction to my covid-19 vaccinations.  I would not, in any way, want to deter others from getting their shots. But, because of my experience, my specialist has told me to simply not get the booster shot.   I will seek confirmation of this advice with my family doctor within the next few days.

Not getting the booster, I will admit, makes me feel a little more vulnerable to the nasty Omicron that is making itself too much at home in the country, and in my Province of Ontario where today it was announced there are more than 13,000 new cases.

I was hoping, and continue to hope, that the Age Friendly Shopping Service will be reinstated here in our small City of Elliot Lake.   We are still considered a retirement town and I know that many seniors and other vulnerable citizens benefited from the service in the past.   As numbers climb daily, to me, it makes sense to take all possible preventative steps.  

It will soon be 2022.  I haven't really considered making any New Year's Resolutions however I will, as I have done for many past New Years, follow the advice of my late Scottish mother-in-law who taught me to "start the way you mean to go on".     

For me, this means to ensure that the home is clean, the cupboards organized, lots of food in the fridge, and bills paid in full.   

Unfortunately, due to crazily rising covid numbers, I will be starting 2022 in semi-isolation.   I will avoid groups, socialize within my bubble, and find activities to keep body, mind, and spirit alive and well.

I have interesting writing projects; my art table all set up; an autoharp waiting for me to play; Udemy courses to complete; and SingSnap to muddle through.   My only room-mate, Lila, actually likes my singing. 

Princess Delilah (Lila)

2021 has been an interesting year and it is my sincere hope & prayer that 2022 will bring about the end of  the pandemic.  The past couple of years have been challenging for everyone.   I remind myself that this, too, shall pass.

I sincerely wish all my family and friends peace, health, prosperity, and gratitude in the coming year.   Thank you for walking with me as we continue the journey throughout 2022.

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 20, 2021

STRUGGLE - To Reach The Bridge of Light -- Free Christmas Eve & Christmas Day, 2021 (Kindle Edition)

 On December 24th and December 25th, my latest novel titled 'Struggle - to reach the bridge of light' will be free in the Kindle Store.

This is my Christmas gift to my readers. Thank you all for your continued support of my creative writing efforts.
Merry Christmas to all! 🙂 ❤

Friday, December 17, 2021

INVITATION To Be Your Own Light

I'd like to share with you these words that I put together a few years ago.

We are living in transformational times.  Sometimes we allow the fast pace, uncertain economic environment, and rapid technological advances in our world to create stress in our lives.

It is good to remember that we are not strangers on the path.

As we advance through the darkness of winter we will, as the ancients before us, carry the light within.

As the Hindu celebrates Deepavali (Diwali), Festival of Lights; as the Christian celebrates Christmas remembering that Jesus said, "I am the light"; as the Buddhist is reassured by the words of Buddha, "Be your own light"; as the Jewish celebrate Chanuka with the lighting of the candles; the wisdom of the ancients teaches us always to let our light shine.

But sometimes we feel afraid, in the dark, in the shadow.  This, too, is part of the human experience.  And sometimes when we are  most in need of the light we forget where to find it.

We all know that it is easier to see the light in a dark room but when we do find ourselves in a dark room, we worry, we fret, we experience stress and fear.  We will search everywhere outside of ourselves for the switch that will brighten the room and disperse the shadows.

I invite you, instead, to look within for the precious light that is always there in the stillness even on the darkest and coldest of winter nights.

"What else shall beautify a home but the flame of a lovely lamp.  What else shall adorn the mind but the Light of wisdom deep."

Monday, December 6, 2021


I came across this while organizing some files this morning. Attitude There once was a woman who woke up one morning looked in the mirror and noticed she had only three hairs on her head. Well, she said, I think I'll braid my hair today. So she did and she had a wonderful day. The next day she woke up looked in the mirror and saw that she had only two hairs on her head. Hmm, she said. I think I'll part my hair down the middle today. So she did and she had a grand day. The next day she woke up looked in the mirror and noticed that she had only one hair on her head. Well, she said, today I'm going to wear my hair in a ponytail. So she did and she had a fun, fun day. The next day she woke up looked in the mirror and noticed that there wasn't a single hair on her head. Yea! she exclaimed. I don't have to fix my hair today. Attitude is everything.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Sharing a post written prior to summer of 2021 :-)

This summer of 2021 I will celebrate my 14th creative writing anniversary. My most recent publication is a metaphysical/science fiction novel titled "STRUGGLE - To Reach the Bridge of Light". Mother Earth can take no more. It's a sad day when a mother must give up on her children. Like the phoenix, the spirit and the environment of earth rise leaving behind destruction and devastation. The chosen seven are truly amazed when they discover why they have been rescued. My prior novel is titled "The Observer - His Eye Is On The Sparrow". This is a story of three generations of women, yet the story of two souls. Karina, Anna, and Karen, three very different personalities yet each, while dealing with her own struggles, continues to repeat family patterns. This story, begun in NaNoWriMo's adventure of 2019, will touch your emotions and leave you with a smile. The settings of Bangalore, India and Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada share little in common; each offering its own colour and character. This is my first novel to focus on religion; in this instance the religions of Christianity and Hinduism. A recent book titled "No Place to Lay Her Head ... a handful of moments" is available in paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon. In this book I share my journey through grief since the death of my partner, Brian, nearly three years ago. This books is cathartic but I hope of benefit to anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one. Another short story titled The Man On The Bench; a metaphysical delight, is part of my recent writing adventure. You will also want to check out DRAMA - a Novel Idea which is a boxed set of my most popular novels: Moose Road - a Canadian Tragedy; Ellen and The Hummingtree; and Sara, a Canadian Saga. While individual novels are available in both paperback & Kindle formats; DRAMA is available in Kindle format only. Simply BE is a collection of inspirational thoughts, quotations, and sayings, that I hope will offer the reader inspiration and guidance. This book is currently used as an aid in meditation and healing circles and will, I hope, inspire you to be who you really are. Other recent publications in both print and Kindle format include my first book of poems titled "Poetry From A to Z" and a short story anthology titled "The Silent Star Plus a Dozen Selections." "Dinner At Seven" is, I'm excited to announce, my 15th book but also my very first romance novel. Also new on the scene is Crabapple Court; a novella. Susie Donnelly is missing. Has she run away? Is it a kidnapping? A murder? Beyond The Blue is a coming-of-age novella in which a child finds a magical, mystical way to deal with bullying. This novella is also in both Paperback and Kindle format. More recently this book has been published in audio book format narrated by Earl Sewell and available on Amazon, Itunes, and Audibles. "When God Gives Us Spring" is a story of love, hate & revenge that takes place pre and during civil war in the U.S. This novella is available in paperback, kindle, and audio book format. Recompense is a recent novella that explores "older" people in the "new world" of chat room dating. A bit of a farce this one provides some enjoyable reading. Prior to these publications I was kept busy with the creation, compilation and publication of a trilogy of anthologies containing short stories which keep the focus on social issues. The books are titled SOCIAL STUDIES - Book One - Dying To Be Popular; Book Two - Shattered and Broken; Book Three - Weaving Alice. These 36 stories will make you laugh; make you cry; and certainly make you simply wonder at the human condition as it is experienced by many in our modern contemporary world. I'm very excited to announce that "Keeping It Simple", the trinity of meditation, the 7 major chakras and psychospiritual therapy, is now available in both Kindle and Paperback Format on all Amazon sites. It is also available in print format directly from Create Space. It is my hope that one day I will have learned enough to narrate this book and transform it into an audio book. My first novel, "Sara, a Canadian Saga", is available in paperback and kindle formats but has now been released as my first audio book; written by yours truly; narrated by Falon Echo; and the cover design by Susan RK of This audio book is available on Amazon; Audibles; and ITunes. I'm thrilled to announce that "When God Gives Us Spring" is my second book to be released as an audio book. This audio book is written by yours truly; narrated by Earl Sewell; and the beautiful cover design is by Susan RK of It is available on Amazon; Audibles; and ITunes. Whether you choose my poetry; or an anthology; one of my novels, a novella, or a short story I hope you enjoy your reading experience. Thank you to my readers. I much appreciate your encouragement, your support and I hope you know that your positive reviews are much needed and very welcome.